Dec. 1, 2017

The Fifth 2017 Fukushima Research Conference (FRC).

Conference on Remote Technologies in Nuclear Facilities was held.

 The FY2017 fifth Fukushima Research Conference entitled “Remote Technologies in Nuclear Facilities” was held on November 29 and 30, 2017 at the Administration Building of the Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development. The objective of the conference was to discuss the remote technologies that are important to smoothly promote the works in nuclear facilities.

  As a keynote lecture, Professor Asama of the University of Tokyo talked about the present status of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, remote technology including robots working at the site, and related technological subjects. Next, Dr. Raymond Sheh of the Curtin University presented the standard test methods for robots. Then, the following researchers working on the nuclear disaster response presented the lectures from wide perspectives on various topics such as technological subjects on the remote control materials for nuclear disaster response, training for remote-control operators, operation of equipment and safety.

・Mr. Yohei Saito (Mihama Nuclear Emergency Assistance Center, Japan)
・Dr. Michael Gustmann (Kerntechnische Hilfsdienst GmbH, Germany)
・Mr. Jean-Louis Portier (Groupe INTRA, France)

In the poster session, the presentations were held mainly by young researchers and students, and active discussion was made. After the session, the participants visited the Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development where the conference was held. They deepened their understanding of the importance of the tests in mock-up environment and the activities of the Center for these tests.

At the end of the conference, a panel discussion was held. In this session, Dr. Kuniaki Kawabata (JAEA) played a role of the facilitator. The lecturers, Professor Robin Murphy (Texas A&M University), Professor Tetsuya Kimura (Nagaoka University of Technology), and Mr. Shinji Kawatsuma (JAEA) became panelists. The active discussion was made at to the future remote technology in nuclear facilities.

In the present conference, the importance and difficulty of remote technology for decommissioning and disaster response were recognized through the opinion exchange with the domestic and oversea experts. It is considered that the conference considerably contributed to the future promotion of the research and development in this field.

  • Panel discussion
  • Visiting tour to the Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development

Lecture documents

Session1: Deployed Solution of Remote Technologies in Nuclear
Outline of Mihama Nuclear Emergency Assistance Center
Mr. Yohei Saito (The Japan Atomic Power Company)

Developing The Measurement and Standards Infrastructure to Quantitatively
Evaluate Remotely Operated Robots for Hazardous Operational Tasks
Dr. Raymond Sheh (Curtin University)

Session2: Remote Technologies for Emergency Response
KHG:The German Nuclear Emergency Response Team
- Tools and Energy Supply Concepts for Remote Handling Equipment –
Dr. Michael Gustmann (Kerntechnische Hilfsdienst GmbH)

GROUPE-INTRA's Equipment Development and Evolution 2018
Dr. Jean-Louis PORTIER (Groupe INTRA)


Date November 29~30, 2017
Venue Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development, Naraha Town, Futaba County, Fukushima Prefecture

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