Issue Number:BST-004
Decommissioning Process Common Issues
Investigation Subject Radiation resistance


① Establishing a radiation resistance technology

Desired state and reasons for it

Since there are areas with extremely high radiation doses in the building and the PCV, the equipment, etc. used in these areas are required to have high radiation resistance.
The resistance of electronic equipment to radiation is important, among other things, in the development of fuel debris retrieval equipment and devices.

Current state against ideal

In September 2021, a high radiation level of 1.2 sievert per hour was observed near the surface of the well plug in the reactor containment vessel of Unit 2.
Below are the results of air dose rates measured on the 5th floor of the reactor building of Unit 2, including the highest location (117 mSv/hour) in the reactor building among Units 1 to 6 during the year of FY2020.

Issues to be resolved

Equipment, etc. that are required to have high radiation resistance include various sensors, semiconductor parts, cables, and cameras and so on.
The required level of radiation resistance depends on the dose in the environment in which the equipment, etc. are used and the time of use (cumulative dose). Therefore, it is important that the development should be carried out assuming the specific environment and the specific equipment to be used.

Relevant Issues


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