Issue Number:BST-005
Decommissioning Process Common Issues
Investigation Subject Standardization


① Standardizing the concepts, technologies, and equipment related to decommissioning work

Desired state and reasons for it

The situation in Fukushima Daiichi NPS is not uniform, and individual measures need to be taken according to the status and the target. However, carrying out all the work according to the status and the target is not reasonable from the viewpoint of time, cost, exposure dose, and waste volume. Thus, a certain degree of standardization is desirable. It is desirable to clarify related issues as the fundamental information, and organize and structure the relationship between those issues.

Current state against ideal

Commonality of knowledge and technology is being investigated with regard to PCV internal investigation technology and fuel debris retrieval technology for Units 1 through 3. Maintenance technology for remote equipment is being investigated comprehensively for all Units.

Issues to be resolved

It is necessary to be standardized and clarify areas that can be rationalized from the viewpoint of time, cost, exposure, and waste.
In standardizing as above, it is desirable to obtain and consolidate the necessary information and data. It is also desirable to establish an information platform for this purpose.


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