Issue Number:DRB-203
Phase: Design
Decommissioning Process Dismantling PCV/RPV/Buildings
Investigation Subject Dismantling scenarios
Issue Planning dismantling scenarios and sorting strategy


① Establishing dismantling scenarios and planning a waste sorting strategy

Desired state and reasons for it

In order to efficiently and effectively dismantle the PCV/RPV/buildings, it is desirable to establish a dismantling scenario for what order and method to dismantle the PCV/RPV/building.
In addition, since most of the waste generated by dismantling will become radioactive waste if no measures are taken, and space for storage and disposal may be insufficient, it is also desirable to establish a waste sorting strategy with clearance in mind, along with the above dismantling scenarios.

Current state against ideal

The "Mid-and-Long-Term Decommissioning Action Plan 2022" released by TEPCO on March 31, 2022, does not indicate specific details on the dismantling scenario and timeframe of the PCV/RPV/buildings.
Although investigations have been conducted on the processing of the wastes such as rubbles removed for further expansion of fuel debris retrieval and secondary waste generated from contaminated water treatment, no investigations, including estimates, have been conducted on waste generated during dismantling of PCV/RPV/buildings.

Issues to be resolved

It is desirable to develop multiple options after investigating a base-case dismantling scenario.
It is desirable to investigate waste sorting strategies in close coordination with Issue Nos. DRB-101, DRB-202, DRB-205, PDR-101, PDR-102, and PDR-301.

Relevant Issues


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