Issue Number:PDR-304
Phase: Action
Decommissioning Process Processing/Disposal/Environment Remediation (including Wastes containing Alpha Nuclides originating from Fuels)
Investigation Subject Environmental remediation
Issue Switchover to uncontrolled areas


① Releasing the various controlled areas

Desired state and reasons for it

In order to release the controlled area, it is necessary to organize reasonable release decision concept and criteria.

Current state against ideal

The concept and criteria for the release decision are not clear.

Issues to be resolved

It is considered as case investigation of a reasonable decision criterion, for example, a case to implement full decontamination including removal of contaminated soil, etc., or to partially allow a certain level of contamination at the time of final releasing. Furthermore, it is also necessary to investigate a phased release considering a time axis, depending on the contamination status.

Relevant Issues


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