Time Axis Information: Short-Term

Decommissioning ProcessTermShort-TermMid-TermLong-Term 1Long-Term 2
Contaminated Water Management
Fuel Removal from SFP
Fuel Debris Retrieval
Dismantling PCV/RPV/Buildings
Characterization for rational waste management
Processing/Disposal/Environment Remediation
Contaminated Water Management
CWM-101 “Understanding the current status of the contamination sources”
CWM-102 “Understanding current status of underground and buildings”
CWM-301 “Efficient and effective water treatment”
Fuel Removal from SFP
SFP-101 “Understanding current status of SFP”
SFP-201 “Understanding of emission and leakage and their mitigating measures”
SFP-202 “Ensuring structural integrity”
SFP-301 “SF removal”
Fuel Debris Retrieval
BST-001 “Remote control technology”
BST-002 “Visualization technology (including 3D)”
BST-007 “Knowledge management”
FDR-104 “Understanding dose inside PCV and RPV”
FDR-106 “Understanding contamination status inside buildings”
FDR-201 “Sorting fuel debris and radioactive waste”
FDR-202 “Shielding and decontamination measures”
FDR-203 “Controlling worker exposure inside the building”
FDR-204 “Site Boundary Dose Assessment”
FDR-207 “Criticality control”
FDR-209 “Maintaining cooling function”
FDR-210 “Understanding hydrogen generation behavior”
FDR-213 “Fuel debris retrieval policy”
FDR-215 “Establishing and operating comprehensive risk management policy”
FDR-216 “Emergency measures”
FDR-217 “Establishing access route to fuel debris”
Characterization for rational waste management
PDR-101 “Characterization”
TSR-101 “Characterization”
Transport/Storing/Storage (including Wastes containing Alpha Nuclides originating from Fuels)
TSR-202 “Understanding the behavior of hydrogen generation”
TSR-205 “Criticality control”
TSR-301 “Investigation of transport, storing and storage”